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Township Tour – Khayelitsha

We begin with a visit to the Philani Clinic, a project that was started by the Swedish pediatrician Ingrid Leroux approx. 25 years ago, where black women get a chance to learn to weave and produce different batik works, which are then sold in a store. Women also have the opportunity to have their children attend preschool in connection with the clinic.

The idea of the whole project is to give women an opportunity to have their own income and that children have access to doctors and health care.

A local guide who lives in the area will show us around the clinic.

We will also visit Vicky's B & B, the smallest in Africa, a local pub, and maybe we will be able to visit a local family. We also have some free time to walk around in the surrounding area and visit a local market.

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Khayelitsha Khayelitsha Khayelitsha

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